Research Article Summaries
Student Reviewer Topic of article Reference
Dana Schultes Flyin’ Dinosaurs Kristin Leutwyler.
Scientific American.
Dana Schultes Ancestral Quandary (Neanderthal Relationships) Wong, Kate.
Scientific American  (Dec. 1997)
Christine Nguyen A killer down under: Australia's Box Jellyfish Hamner, W. .
National Geographic
(Aug., 1994): 116-130.
Christine Nguyen Thanks to a Parasite, Asexual Reproduction Catches On. Enserink, Martin.
275(21 March, 1997): 1743.
Christine Nguyen How Reptiles Took Wing Bernice Wuethrich
275 (7 March, 1997): 1419.
Christine Nguyen How the Malaria Parasite Manipulates Its Hosts Morell, Virginia.
278 (10 Oct. 1997): 223.
Maria Martinez Catching Lizards in the Act of Adapting Virginia Morell  
276 (May 1997): 682-3. 
Maria Martinez Internal Fight Settles size of Body Parts Nijhout and Douglas J. Emlen
Science News.
Devon Montgomery Migrating hawks spotted in Rio Grande Valley  Swanson, Gillian.
Dallas Morning News.
Sunday, April 5, 1998. 45A.
Devon Montgomery A Plague on Frogs Ma, Lybi.
19(1)(January 1998): 87.

Ramona Crabtree The varied bats of Barro Colorado Islands. William H. Allen.
BioScience (AIBS)
46 (9)(Oct. 1996): 639-642.
Ramona Crabtree Brooding Parasitism in Birds: Strangers in the Nest. Robert B. Payne.
BioScience (AIBS)
48 (5)(May 1998): 377-385
Joseph Phillips Social Calls Coordinate Foraging in Greater Spear-nosed Bats. Gerald S. Wilkingson and Janette Wenrick Boughman.  
Animal Behavior 
55 (1988): 337-350.
Joseph Phillips Soldiers effectively defend aphid colonies against predators in the field. William Foster, Philip Rhoden.
Animal Behaviour 3 (March 1998): 761-765.
Lydia Mackay Close Encounters with the Gray Reef Shark Bill Curtsinger.  
National Geographic 
January 1995: 44-67.
Lydia Mackay Planet of the Beetles Douglas H. Chadwick.
National Geographic
193 (3), March 1998: 100-119
Paul Baker Social Status Sculpts Activity of Crayfish Neurons. Marcia Barinaga.  
271 (19 January 1996: 290-291. 
Paul Baker Research Update II: Grafts and Genetic Variation
(Pocket gopher inbreeding)
Gillis, Anna
December 1996: 807.
Richard Ramskill Vanishing Prairie Dog --------.  
National Geographic 
193 (4 April 1998): ------.
Richard Ramskill Inbreeding leads to extinction
(Inbreeding in butterflies)
Richard Frankham, Katherine Ralls
(2 April 1998): 441-2.

Kari Thompson Why did the Chicken Lose its DNA? Austin and Marianne Hughes
(Feb. 1996) 16+
Kari Thompson First Kill the Babies Carl Zimmer
(Sept, 1996): 72-76.
Jason Read Polar Bear National Geographic 
192(3)(March 1998)
Jason Read Elephants: Trimming the Herd (No source given)
Kelli Quinn Elephants of Addo Greg Smith.
Kelli Quinn Elephant Training and its Impact on Research.
Obi Ibeto Wayward Grizzlies Spark Debate (No source given)
Obi Ibeto Wolves Jeffrey Kluger.
Fish and Wildlife ServiceReport
(19 Jan. 1998) 6-7.
Chris Smith Lost World Of The Annamites Alan Rabinowitz
Natural History
106 (3) (April 1997):14-18.
Chris Smith It’s A Nose! It’s A Hand! Its An Elephants’ Trunk! Jeheskel Shoshani.
Natural History
106 (10) (Nov. 1997): 37-43
Deependra Chhabra Uncovering Patagonia's Lost World James Shreeve 
National Geographic
(Dec. 1997): 120-137.
Deependra Chhabra Wild Mating of the Nurse Sharks Harold L. Pratt, Jr, Jeffrey C. Carrier
National Geographic
(May, 1995): 46-49.
Deependra Chhabra Flies that fight. Moffett, W. M.
National Geographic.
(Nov. 1997): 68-77.
Deependra Chhabra How Male Animals Gain an Edge in the Mating Game. Elizabeth Pennisi
Vol.277(18 July 1997):317-318.
Brandi Williams Shorebird Odysseys: Kansas Travelers Helen Hands.
Natural History 107 (4)(May 1998): 54-55.
Brandi Williams Katydids James Castner. International Wildlife 28 (3)(May/June, 1998): 24-30.
Amanda Baugh Return of the Gray Wolf Doug Chadwick.
National Geographic
May, 1998.
Amanda Baugh Polar Bears Flip Nicklin.
National Geographic
January, 1998.
Anna Gonzalez Fish that came in from the cold. Barbara Block.
June 1992 June Anna Gonzalez: Science. 1993 Jul 30
Anna Gonzalez Fishing for missing links with a chain
(coelacanth immunoglobulin genes)
Gary Litman.
30 July, 1993.
Chris James How Females Choose Their Mates Lee Alan Dugatkin, Jean-Guy J. Godin.
Scientific American
Chris James Microbes Deep Inside the Earth K. Fredrickson and Tullis C. Onstott Scientific American
(October 1996):
Ceyli Delgaldillo Coils of Time
(Chambered Nautilus)
Peter D. Ward.
(March, 1998): 100-106.
Ceyli Delgaldillo The Jaws You Can't See
Catherine Dodd.
(Jan.1998): 102-103.
Ray Murr The evolution of organizations: Suggestions from complexity theory about the interplay between natural selection and adaptation. White, Michael C., Marion, Daniel B., Brazeal, Deborah V., Friedman, William.
Human Relations.
(November 1997). 1383-1401.

Ray Murr A Genetic Polymorphism Maintained by Natural Selection in a Temporally Varying Environment. Allen G., Joshi, Amitabh, and Mueller, Laurence D. Borash, Daniel J., Gibbs.
The American Naturalist 151 (2)(February 1998)
Stacey Mooney Missing Link Ties Birds, Dinosaurs Ann Gibbons.
Science 279 (20 March 1998): 1851-1852
Juanita Bennett How Whales Communicate Tina Adler
Jenny Thurman Did Dinosaurs Need Mother's Love? Tina Adler
Science News
149 20 June 1997): 280-81
Jenny Thurman Female bison:
a threat to cattle?
Yvonne Baskin
276 20 June 1997): 1786.
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