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Direct display of WhoZoo images from external sites is no longer permitted. WhoZoo was losing huge amounts of bandwidth to people who were using a direct link to a WhoZoo image as a decoration for Email or for bulletin boards. However, you may freely download WhoZoo images for educational purposes. Many of the WhoZoo images are now "framed" in HTML files, to which you or your students may link. If you want to link to an image for which there is no current HTML frame, I would be happy to create one on request.

Because of the growing size of the WhoZoo "footprint," the full WhoZoo archives are not on line. For the most part, only images displayed from an HTML file are now included in the image directories. In addition, WhoZoo has recently moved to a server for which the default condition is that directories may not be publicly viewed. If you want additional images of a particular animal, please let me know, and I'd be happy to Email you a selection of images that are not on line.

Early in 2002, the Aquarium at the Fort Worth Zoo was closed. See the Aquarium page for more information on this sad event. However, WhoZoo will continue to display most fish and invertebrate pages and to maintain the image archives for these animals, in the hope that a new Aquarium will open soon, and that the animals will once again be on view.

ZooPax: I am continuing (V-E-R-Y slowly) to develop the ZooPax field activities centered on the Fort Worth Zoo, but potentially adaptable to any zoo. I have written three of these units and appreciate your suggestions and comments. ZooPax Index.