Lungfish at the Fort Worth Zoo Aquarium
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(Australian Lungfish)
Australian Lungfish:
Neoceratodus forsteri
(above and left)

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(South American Lungfish)

(Slender African Lungfish)
Other Lungfish at the Fort Worth Zoo

South American Lungfish (left)

Lepidosiren paradoxa

African Lungfish

Protopterus annectens, (left)

P. amphibius (not shown)

P. aethiopicus, Marbled African Lungfish
(below left and below)

P. dolloi (not shown)

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(Marbled African Lungfish)
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The Fort Worth Zoo houses several species of lungfish from Africa, Australia and South America. Air-breathing fish are commonly found in warm water, since the oxygen available in water decreases as temperature rises. If you are patient enough to watch the lungfish for several minutes, you will see them rise to the surface to gulp some air. African lungfish can survive the drying of their habitat by burying themselves in mud in a cocoon.

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