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Natural Science 1307: Spring 2002

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Animal pages
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Tiffany Randle

Many thanks to the staff of the Fort Worth Zoo, who have assisted us with this project in many ways. Their generosity is very much appreciated.

Katrina Fishback

Angela Latigo

Raun Shepherd

Ash Jones

Eric Johnson

Stephen Smith

Stacey Balandran

Elixis Kabbelliya

Lisa Arneson

Carla Rodriguez

Melissa Lorenzana

Michelle Anderson

Erica Castillo

Joseph Carpenter

Issac Connie

Rosalinda Belle

John English

Holly Ellman

Maricela Mayo
Summer 2002
Jana Moss

Animals Selected

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Student . . . . . Animal Selected
The fish pages below are offered as a tribute to the James R. Record Aquarium, which served as an outstanding educational resource for nearly 50 years.
So long and thanks for all the fish!
Lisa Arneson Red-tailed Catfish
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus
Stacey Balandran Toadfish
Opsanus tau
Rosalinda Bell Northland Green Gecko
Naultinus grayii
Joe Carpenter Laughing Gull
Larus atricilla
Erica Castillo Wagler's (Temple) Viper
Tropidolaemus wagleri
AKA Trimeresurus wagleri
Issac Connie Louisiana Pine Snake
Parabuteo unicinctus
Holly Ellman
Image from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Black-footed Ferret
Mustela nigripes
John English Garibaldi
Hypsypops rubicundus
Katrina Fishback Black Milk Snake Black Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum gaigeae
Eric Johnson Red-Tailed Hawk
, Buteo jamaicensis
Ash Jones Caiman Lizard
Dracena guianensis
Elexis Kabbelliya Orbiculate Batfish
Platax orbicularis
Angela Latigo
Photo courtesy of Cathy Hughes
Red Wolf
Canis rufus
Melissa Lorenzana White-Tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus
Maricela Mayo Foxface Fish
Siganus vulpinus
Tiffany Randle Lesser Flamingo
Phoeniconaias minor
Carla Rodriguez North American River Otter
Lutra canadensis
Raun Shepherd Bateleur Eagle
Terathopius ecaudatus
Summer 2002
Jana Moss American Porcupine
Erethizon dorsatum