Scientific Name:Panthera tigris
Geographical Range:Asia
Habitat:Grassy or swampy areas and forests
Diet in the Wild:Deer, pigs, buffalo, antelope
Conservation Status:Endangered Species
Location in the Zoo:Asian Falls

Physical Description:

Blue eyes  (which classifies them as not being albinos - who have red eyes), pink nose, and creamy white fur covered with chocolate colored stripes.  Males range in length between 8.8 ft and 10.2 ft, and weighs between 419 lbs and 569 lbs.  Females range in length from 7.11 ft and 8.7 ft, and weighs between 221 lbs and 353 lbs. 

Social Organization:

Lead Solarity lives.

Special Adaptations:

The stripes on its body helps its ability to hide in the tall grass and tress.  They have very strong jaws, which allows them to catch its prey and their teeth and jaws help them to kill its prey.  These tigers also have a strong sense of smell, along with great vision.  They can also swim and move quite swiftly in the water.  Depending on how cold or hot it gets, decides wheter or not they grow hair or shed it. 

Reproductive Behavior:
Litter ranges from one to six cubs, and they stay with the mother until their second year.
The Animal at the Zoo:

History of the animals at the zoo, your personal observations of the animal. 

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