More information about Frilled Lizards
Physical description: 

Length from head to tail is 70cm, can be as long as 95cm. The Frilled Lizard's body is colored just like the region they live on. So Frilled Lizards from some regions are brighter than others. Also, male lizards are more colorful than the females. 
General information: 

Frilled Lizards are most active in the daytime. They live in trees most of the time, although, they do go down from the tree, to look for food. Not much is known about the Frilled Lizards' mating habits, however they do mate in October and November. 

Special anatomical, physiological 
or behavioral adaptations:
The ability of the Frilled Lizards to spread its frill is very interesting. The frill is extended when the lizard opens his mouth widely. The frills composed of rods made out of cartilage. These rods are connected to the tongue and jaw muscles. The frill is a bright color and is only extended when the lizard is frightened. 
Photo courtesy of 
Unique Australian Animals

Comments about the lizards of the Fort Worth Zoo:

The lizards are between the ages of 5 and 20 years old. The Fort Worth Zoo received the Frilled Lizards from the US Fish and Wildlife. The US Fish and Wildlife confiscated the lizards at the airport, where they were going to be exported.

Personal Observations: 

I noticed the male Frill Lizards are very hostile towards each other. However, the baby lizards (male and female) get along with each other very well. Also, I noticed the lizards hardly, ever shows its frill at the zoo.

Juvenile Frilled Lizards at the FWZ Herpetarium Nursery

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