Obi Ibeto


Natural Science 1307

Animal Life

Wayward Grizzlies

Spark Debate



As grizzly bears prepare for their hibernation they begin to forage for food. They normally hunt for high-fat foods like whitebark pine seeds and abandoned elk carcasses. For many years grizzly bears have been considered as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

But because of recent increases in sightings of grizzly bears wandering onto grazing land outside their normal hunts, in search for food. Some people believe that the reason for the increase in sightings is because of swelling in the grizzly population. While on the other hand some believe that there is no increase in population because no one has paid any attention to the fact that there is a big habitat loss, which would lead to more sightings. And that recent years have seen sharp decreases in whitebark pine seeds, which is the most inportant high-fat food source for the grizzlies. This is apparently the reason they have been forced to hunt sheep which brings them closer to humans and easier to spot.

This controversy on weather their has been a sharp increase in the number of grizzlies is far from over. It is obvious that better methods of observation are needed.