Polar Bear
 The Polar bear is animal that is admired around the world for its looks and cute appearance. For anyone who had never seen one of these animals in the world they would link them with the polar bears on the coke cola commercials. Don't let these cute looking animals fool you, as anyone who has seen them in the wild would tell you. These creatures are yet to be fully understood. Research is currently on the effects of global warming on the lives of the polar bear. Their behavior patterns sometimes are hard to understand but sometimes it appears they are smarter than we think.
  The research in this article is to do with the effect of global warming on the survival of the Polar Bear. The adaption that the polar bear may have to do could be impossible. The polar bears starve them selves from summer till autumn due to lack of food. This threatens to extend the period of starvation due to the warmer periods lasting longer. During the winter the polar bear does most of it's feeding. They go out on the frozen waters hunting for their favored prey ringed seal pups. This is done by waiting nearby a hole in the ice for the pups to come up for air and then with one bite dinner is theirs. The effects of this global warming is also affecting the people who live in the near by town as this means that the bears will be spending more time on the mainland. This could be a serious problem, as they have been known to cause large amounts of damage when they stray in to the towns.