Length: Head to body 1.5 - 2.5 ft.

Tail: 1-3 ft. long

Weight: 19-27 lbs.

Coloration: Black body; glossy black fur; mantle at sides of body and tail tassel, white. The face has no fur, and is surrounded by a white brow and full beard as seen here. The outside of their thigh has a distict patch of white. The younger colobus monkey does not have this coloration, instead they are pure white for the first few weeks.

Digestive System: They have complex stomachs, containing two subregions

Interesting characteristics: The colobus monkey only has four digits, the thumb has been replaced by a phalangeal tubercle that has a nail on it. It is believed that this is an adaptation for quicker movements through the trees. They have a prognathous skull, which means the lower jaw projects out farther than the upper jaw.