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Physical description: 
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  • Height 19.5-27.5" 
  • Body length 43-62" 
  • Weight 37-110 lbs. 
  • Color shaggy coat is a deep chocolate brown with grey neck and head, the forehead tuft being blackish brown. 
  • Tail 3-6" 
  • Ears and the tip of the tail are white. 
  • They have upper canines which in the males become 1" tusks. The young are similar to the adults but have a row of spots along each side of the back.
General information: 

Usually solitary but occasionally travel in pairs. They use a "bark" to communicate with each other, especially during courtship and when alarmed. When feeding they carry their tail high, while moving or standing still it "flops" showing the white underside with every bounce. Antorbital glands are used for marking territory. Grooming is seem in captivity between females, rarely between males. Mating occurs in late fall and early winter, with 1-2 fawns being born in late spring and early summer. 
Special anatomical, physiological 
or behavioral adaptations:
These deer show their way when they see strange things happening around them. Their tails will move at all times. Their barking sounds sound like a dog. 
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