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Lions are the only social cats, which live in-groups, also known as a pride. Lions, which help, keep them together. Most of the time, there are as many as 30 lions or more in a pride, which include about 15 adult females and some offspring, and as many as 12 adult males. Lions tend to divide themselves in small groups, which could change every day.

Lions are very proud animals; they greet each other, with kindness and friendliness. They do that by rubbing their heads, and their entire bodies against each other. They are well aware about how important it is for them to socialize with each other in order to keeps their pride in check. It is interesting that lions are the only large cats that socialize with each other. Females in the pride are usually related and stay with the pride. However, the male lions join a pride of females and stay for indefinite prides of time. According to (, " the lions have been known to join several prides at the same time as well." This is an indication of how important it is for the lions to acknowledge that families are always sticks together.

For the female lions, birth can occur year round, through, generally, all of the female lions in a pride would give birth at about the same time (Veronica Donald). Female lions breed about every two years. All the females in a pride take care of their cubs; which includes allowing their cubs to nurse from them. The female lions are more dangerous than male lions, especially when they see a threat to their cubs. When the female lions gives birth they often make sure that their cubs will be in an area where they will be more protected and safe. They as more protective of their cubs, as human mother is of her newborn baby. Lion cubs usually open their eyes at about three days and walk at about 10 to 15 days, and start to run at about 20 to 25 days.

The female lions do more hunting and often they hunt in-groups. Female lions have smaller bodies; thus, they are lighter than the male lions. Female lions do not have large manes; it is much easier for them to hide within the grass. Lions have very good vision, which helps them to spot the other animals. They are also able to move their ears in order to hear sounds that are made by other animals from any direction. Furthermore, their soft paws allow them to walk quietly through the grass as they are stalking their prey. Lions have a very strong sense of smell; they can sense when prey is nearby.

Lions roar very loudly; thus, it can be heard as to 5 miles away. Roaring is believed to be territorial behavior and helps the lions locate each other. Clawing trees and other postmarks are other ways lions mark their territory. The mane of the male lions provides protection from the claws and teeth of other males. The average life expectancy for lions is about 10 to 12 years in the wild and 20 years or more in captivity. They spend 20-21 hours a day resting (Veronica) says.

There is no other aggressive animal that has more patience and good judgement to capture the prey than the lion. They are very intelligent; they know when it is right time for them to go hunting. They also eat anything they kill. The lions are very muscular they have back legs designed for pouncing and front legs made for grabbing and knocking down prey. Lions have very strong jaws that allow them to eat the large prey they hunt. Because lions are carnivores, they hunt mostly large to small animals like the giraffe, buffalo, zebra, etc. Lions hunt by stalking their prey. When the lion is within about 100 feet, away he begins to charges towards the prey, in which the prey begins to attempt to outrun the lion. However, when the lion gets close enough, it will slap or grab the animal. Lions usually share their food with the entire pride.

Lions prefer grass plains, savannas, and semi-deserts, according to ( For instance, the African lions are mostly located throughout much of southeastern part of the continent, which is very desert like. Lions can be dangerous when these territories are invaded by other animals or by humans. Lions are not in endangered; but the dangerous time for them is during the first few years of their lives.

My comment about the lion is that, they like to be together in-groups. They eat raw meat of many different kinds of animals. One of the things that lions are seems not to do is cross a river, however, they drink water, but do not swim. I witnessed a lion scared of crossing a river. The lion feared crossing the river even though there was meat on the other side. The meat was put across the river on purpose to determine if they lion could cross the river. When lions roar very loudly, it is a signal to let whatever they consider a threat to them to stay away. I have more respect for animals than I ever had before, because of what I learned in this class.


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